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Experience of the Acoustics Department responsible

The following sets out the Curriculum Vitae of the Acoustics Department responsible.


Consultant for the acoustical isolation program developed by FAA (Federal Aviation Administration):

  • Prediction of environmental impact at military airports, introduced by the new military aircraft (MV-22 and CH-46).

  • Prediction of acoustic shielding produced by the adjacent buildings at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX).

  • Environmental impact assessment in National Parks.

  • Prediction for aerial noise model produced by Airbus A-380, in the population adjacent to Los Angeles International Airport.


Responsible of the laboratory for acoustical development and measurements:

  • Acoustical measurements of noise isolation and impacts in accordance with the UNE-EN-ISO 140:4, 140:5 and 140:7

  • Measurement of acoustical emission power for cooling industrial machinery (UNE-EN ISO 3741)

  • Acoustic project of modification of the windows of the executive committee room and auditorium of the Moneo building of the Bank of Spain, control and verification work in situ results.

  • Acoustic project facilities and environmental Impact for the Illescas and Castillo de Ucles Lidl.

  • Acoustic project for extraction wells in 3 sections in the Palma de Mallorca subway, control of work and final certification in situ.

  • Acoustic report of aerial noise emission levels of air sets in Building facilities Atento, Telefonica.

  • Acoustic report of emission levels in cogeneration plant sewage treatment Cadagua in Poznan, Poland.

  • Reverberation time measurement according to UNE EN ISO 3382 in the auditorium of the Post Office building in Madrid.

  • Design and development of new noise control products such as low-frequency attenuator.

  • Measurements and technical sheets for the full range of rectangular silencers in reverberation chamber.


Responsible of the laboratory for acoustical development and measurements:

  • Free field measurements professional sound systems in anechoic chamber.

  • Development of product data sheets.

  • Prototype design and implementation for active noise control exhaust fans for Madrid subway.

  • Software development for acoustic cabinet control.

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