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Experience of the Responsible for Architecture Department

The following sets out the Curriculum Vitae of the Responsible for Architecture and Edification Department:

Most notable works:

  • Construction management for the offices of Iberdrola headquarters in Portugal, Avenida da Liberdade 180, Lisbon.
  • Competition of ideas for the Design of the VIP Room of the 2012 edition of the International Contemporary Art Fair organized by IFEMA.
  • Project execution and construction management for the fitting-out of ship for rehearsal rooms , industrial unit e3.34 at polygon m -50 south. pp -10. Leganés, Madrid
  • Project and Construction Management for the Market at Isla Azul Mall, Madrid.
  • Basic Draft for Pool Covers & Commercial Area at Ventas de la Retamosa, Toledo
  • Competition for Market in San Chinarro, Madrid
  • Competition for Unified Maintenance Center in Alcorcón, Madrid
  • Project ejcucion of building 25 houses and commercial property with garage and storage in Espirdo, Segovia
  • Partial Plan and Draft for Urbanization of beltway PAU in Ugena, Toledo
  • Development of rural land, urban unconsolidated urban... , management and coordination of all planning application figures.
  • Basic design of 82 lofts with garage and pool on the plot 4.4b Torrelodones, Madrid
  • Construction Management for the Teaching Center in Europe Park. Pinto, Madrid
  • Sculptural clock in Square José Crespo. Pinto, Madrid
  • Project and construction management of children's aquatic mini-park in the premises of the municipal pools Pinto, Madrid
  • Project execution and collaboration in construction management for conducting artificial soccer field, conditioning stands and covering with a canopy and enclosure suitability and low bounds by creating cafe area and offices for the Municipal Pinto, Madrid
  • Basic and execution of Covered Sports Centre with capacity for 5,000 people as well as conditioning of hits and outdoor soccer field project. Pinto, Madrid
  • Basic design and remodeling proposal Municipal Cultural Center of Pinto, Madrid

Participation in architectural competitions:

  • Multipurpose building and park in Medina del Campo
  • Building for Local Police, Almería

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