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Experience >> Mechanical Installations

Experience of the Mechanical Installations Departament

Work developed by DiTec Engineers in mechanical installations includes various fields:


Below shows the expertise of our specialists in air conditioning and ventilation.


Projects completed:

  • Rehabilitation project for the Banco de España building in Almería.

  • Draft implementation of residential building for 250 public houses. Alcorcón (Madrid).

  • Draft implementation of industrial buildings for urban waste recycling. Madrid.

  • Draft implementation for office building, mechanical workshops, electricity, ITV, washing, paint and bodywork for 400 compressed natural gas buses for the Municipal Transport Company of Madrid (EMT). Sanchinarro (Madrid).

  • Draft implementation for three subway stations in Barcelona (Parc Logistic, Amadeu Torner and Mercabarna).

  • Draft implementation for three subway stations in Madrid (Moncloa, Empalme and Majadahonda).

  • Draft Implementation for Panda Supermarkets in Saudi Arabia (various locations).

  • Draft implementation for Toyota dealership in Majadahonda (Madrid).

  • Draft implementation for Volkswagen dealership in Aranjuez (Madrid).

  • Draft implementation of residential building for 103 houses VPP. San Sebastián de los Reyes (Madrid).

  • Basic design and implementation for health center Los Valles (Guadalajara).

  • Project License for Seat and Skoda dealership in Rivas (Madrid).

  • Project License for Public Parking in Móstoles (Madrid).

  • Project License for Volkswagen dealership in Getafe (Madrid).

  • Project License for Vehicle Repair Workshop in Alcorcón (Madrid).

  • Draft implementation for Office Building in La Cartuja (Sevilla).

Areas of knowledge:

  • Passive fire protection

  • Active fire protection

  • Drainage and water pre-treatment

  • Plumbing and hot water production

  • Automatic washing and water recycling

  • Capturing solar energy for thermal uses

  • Heating and air conditioning

  • Natural and forced ventilation

  • Combustible gases

  • Medical gases

  • Medium and low voltage

  • Photovoltaic energy harvesting

  • Computer and telecommunications network

  • CCTV, access control and PA

  • Comprehensive management and control facilities

  • Vacuum aspiration

  • Production and distribution of compressed air

  • Supply of oil and antifreeze


Projecs developed:

  • Due Dilligence Installations South Area Mall, Jerez

  • Leed Comissioning Zara Portal del Ángel Barcelona

  • Industrial building, Loomie logistical node. Spain

  • Center of Leisure and Culture La Alhóndiga in Bilbao

  • Foresta business park, Madrid

  • Cruiser Hotel, Torremolinos

  • Morocco Mall, Casablanca

  • Thyssen Museum, Málaga

  • City of Justice, Cádiz

  • TermaEuropa Spa, Arnedillo

  • Parking building and mall. City of Justice. Madrid

  • New terminal area at Barcelona Airport

  • Moncloa transport interchange. Madrid.

  • Snow park Neutopía mall. Valencia.

  • Telefónica-Arena. Trade Fair. Casa de Campo. Madrid

  • New TYPSA office at San Sebastián de los Reyes

  • Majadahonda Hospital

  • Spanish Embassy in Berlin.

  • Spanish Embassy in Malabo.

  • Headquarters of CLH in San Fernando de Henares

  • CARREFOUR's office building in S. Sebastian de los Reyes

  • Residential building for 150 houses in the Mirador Puerta de Hierro. Madrid

  • Robert Bosch factory in Madrid

  • Robert Bosch factory in Aranjuez

  • Media Markt in Getafe

  • Trade Fair Juan Carlos I extension. Madrid>

  • Universidad Rey Juan Carlos I. Fuenlabrada

  • Fuenlabrada Hospital

  • La Concepción clinic reform. Madrid

  • Office building. Martínez Villergas. Madrid

  • New Headquarters Unión FENOSA. Madrid

  • Diagonal Mar Mall. Barcelona.

  • AMC Theatres. Las Rozas

  • Villanubla Airport. Valladolid

  • Sinterstahl Factory. Mieres

  • Mirasierra Suites Hotel. Madrid

  • Telefónica Sistemas and Vía Digital building. Ciudad de la Imagen.

  • SEUR Fulfillment center. Getafe

  • Berlys warehouse

  • Hipercor in Zaragoza

  • Hipercor at Campo de las Naciones

  • Hipercor in Santiago de Compostela

  • Multipurpose classrooms Cuenca Campus

  • Tax Agency, Alcorcón

  • Office buildings for CEMEX. Madrid

  • Residential building for 151 houses for MUPOL. Madrid


The following is a resume from our specialist in Plumbing Installations, Drainage and PCI in the industrial sector, automotive sector and in the building. Examples of his work:

Pumping stations and water supply

  • Working project for the storage and distribution of water for the new NATO Headquarters urbanization in Madrid.

  • Working projects pumping stations to supply water to the city of Albacete.

  • Working projects pumping stations to supply water to the city of Alcañiz (Teruel).

  • Working projects pumping stations to supply water to the town of Almazán (Soria).

  • Working projects pumping stations for sewage drainage networks for Libertad, Salinas and Muey in Ecuador

Teaching purposes

  • Draft implementation of departmental buildings, administrative and library of the Public University of Navarra in Pamplona (Navarra).

  • Draft implementation of auditorium, library and sports area of the Carlos III University in Leganés (Madrid).

  • Draft implementation of educational and administrative buildings of the Islamic University in Riyadh in Saudi Arabia.

  • Draft implementation of the Energy Institute of REPSOL Foundation in Móstoles (Madrid).

Administrative and office use

  • Draft implementation and management of building work for the Barclays Bank Computational Center in Madrid.

  • Draft implementation and works management of cultural use building and offices for the Barrie de la Maza Foundation in A Coruña.

  • Draft implementation and work management of office building for STIM BATIR, S.A. in Madrid.

  • Draft implementation for the remodeling of the building of the Embassy of Spain in Berlin (Germany).

  • Draft Implementation for the CARREFUR office building in San Sebastian de los Reyes (Madrid).

  • Draft implementation for the Ministry of Health office building of Andalucía in Málaga.

  • Draft implementation for the office building at "Campo de las Naciones" in Madrid.

  • Draft implementation for office building in "Olivar de la Hinojosa", Madrid.

  • Review of the draft implementation for the "Torre de Cristal" in the Paseo de la Castellana in Madrid.

  • Draft implementation, management, coordination and monitoring of projects for the legalization of the Santander Group´s Financial City complex in Boadilla del Monte (Madrid).

  • Review of the draft implementation for the new court building in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

  • Basic design and implementation of the Center for Enterprise Development (CEDEM) for the Madrid city council.

Residential Use

  • Draft implementation for a building of 62 dwellings, premises and parking in Madrid.

  • Basic design and implementation of 6 detached housing urbanizations consisting of 58, 158, 196, 156, 52 and 48 homes in Caravaca de la Cruz (Murcia).
  • Draft implementation for a logistics residence for noncommissioned officers in Cartagena (Murcia).

  • Draft implementation of 2 residential buildings for 62 to 78 houses each, premises and parking in Guadalajara.

Transportation Infrastructure

  • Draft implementation of the redevelopment of the historic building of the Atocha station in Madrid.

  • Draft implementation of traffic control center air cargo hub and general service building for the Barcelona Airport.

  • Technical study for the air conditioning of aircraft in platform for the Madrid, Barcelona, Malaga and Gran Canaria airports.

  • Conceptual draft for the new container terminal at Prat Pier of Barcelona Port.

  • Draft implementation for the New Terminal Area at Barcelona Airport.


  • Draft implementation and works management of "Juan Carlos I" Showground (IFEMA) in Madrid.

  • Draft implementation for the Oman Pavilion at Expo 92 in Sevilla.

Comertial use

  • Management, coordination and monitoring of projects to legalize Shopping Center "Espacio Torrelodones" in Torrelodones (Madrid).

  • Draft implementation for the Berceo Mall in Logroño (La Rioja).

Sanitary use

  • Draft implementation for the remodeling of "Valle del Nalón" hospital in Langreo (Asturias).

  • Draft implementation for the new hospital "Puerta de Hierro" in Majadahonda (Madrid).

  • Basic draft for the redevelopment of the University Hospital of Valladolid.

Industrial use

  • Draft implementation for the Costume Workshop plant of the Ministry of Defense in the industrial area of Villaverde in Madrid.

  • Draft implementation for the General Workshops plant of the Ministry of Defense in the industrial area of Villaverde in Madrid.

  • Draft industrial registration and legalization of the production plant and storage of chemicals from BASF Construction Chemicals Spain, S.L. in Mejorada del Campo (Madrid).

  • Basic design and operating license for the new facility Zardoya-Otis S.A. in Leganés (Madrid).

  • Project conceptual, basic and executive for the REPSOL Technological Center of Research and Development in Móstoles (Madrid).

Automotive Industry

  • Conceptual draft, basic and executive for the REPSOL Engines Laboratory in Móstoles (Madrid).

  • Feasibility study and conceptual design of facilities for the integral center of sales and after-sales for Ford cars in Madrid.

  • Study of enlargement and improvement facilities repairer bus fleet in the specialities of electro-mechanical, bodywork and painting in Palma de Mallorca.

  • Feasibility study and reform of the fuel supply facilities and liquid natural gas (LNG) fleet of buses to Palma de Mallorca.

  • Draft implementation of enlargement and reform of a bus repair shop in Huercal de Almeria (Almería).

  • Studies and plans to reform several auto repair workshops and specialty vehicles on electromechanical, bodywork and painting in Madrid.
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