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Experience of the responsible for Radiocommunications

The following sets out the Curriculum Vitae of the Responsible for Radiocommunications


  • Channel Manager and Business Development at Fibernet, a company focused on business continuity services with three lines: optical fiber manufacture communications, hosting services and IT outsourcing, and design services and integration into data center environments.

  • 03/2005-12/2006: EL CORTE INGLÉS. Telecommunications and Security Consultant, managing bids and projects to customers who demand communications and security services. Stressing the project director of the National Tax Administration Agency.

  • 12/2003-03/2005: AUNA large customers. Project Director Grupo Santander. Leading a team of 14 persons, directing the overall relationship between Grupo Santander and Grupo Auna, controlling a budget of 40 million euros per year. The project can be divided into two main groups:

  • Santander Group's Financial City complex in Boadilla del Monte. Integrated network voice and data communications, with more than 10,000 pure IP telephony extensions and a data network with up to 10 GB capacity in the City were included improved mobile coverage for the three national operators and integration of fixed-mobile solutions-data (RPV unified mobility services, etc.)

  • SCH Home Network: A network that includes more than 4,000 locations with voice and data technologies (IP, SNA, X.25, FR and ATM xDSL) between ATM displaced, offices, agents, partners, etc.. And more than 2,000 phones.

  • 10/2002-12/2003: AUNA large customers. Engineer and Project Leader, making offerings and implementing projects to clients considered strategic for the group Auna, both projects were implemented voice (mobile and fixed) as Data, using the infrastructure of Auna and Amena. Some of the most outstanding projects were Ministry of Health, Lilly Labs., Nationale Nederlanden and ING Direct, among others.

  • 05/2002-10/2002: AUNACABLE. Head of Data Network Technology. The company integrates the networks of six cable operators in Spain (Madritel, Mint, Supercar, Canarias Telecom, Able and Med Telecom). Completing the analysis and redesign of the data networks of the six operators, carrying out projects based on achieving a convergence of technologies employed in each of them.

  • 07/1999-05/2002: Madritel COMMUNICATIONS SA Engineer Data Network Technology. In this company, its mission was to study systems IP, FR and ATM that arose in the market, and its implementation in Madritel Network (cable operator in Madrid)

  • 02/1999-07/1999: FootFall IBERICA SL Technical vision systems, a people counting application.

  • 09/1998-02/1999: ENERDATA, POWER TO THE COMPUTER, SA Quality Control Technician Energy Systems wireless repeater (Amena and Airtel).

  • 02/1993-07/1993: SERMICRO. Technical repairs personal computers, bar code readers, laser, and communications equipment, digital radio.

  • 01/1992-11/1992: PROTASONI, Manufacture of radio receivers.

  • 1991-1998: Computer Repair Technician Computer, image, sound and communications.
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