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28923 Alcorcón - Madrid
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Official College of Engineers on Telecommunications Spanish Engineering Institute
Specialization: Installation Engineering

Our services are aimed at Architects, public institutions, private institutions, consulting companies, engineering firms, technical bureaus, construction and installation companies covering the following areas: Electrical Installations, Mechanical Installations and Special / Telecommunication Installations.

Electrical Installations Electrical Installations
  • Transformation Centers

  • Electrical Substations

  • High, Medium and Low Voltage

  • Design of electrical switchboards

  • Lighting Design, etc…
Mechanical Installations Mechanical Installations
  • Water supply facilities

  • Pumping Stations

  • Plumbing and sanitation installations

  • Heating, cooling, ventilation and hot water

  • Fire protection, fire detection and fire extinction installations

  • Warehouses and distribution of liquid and gaseous fuels

  • Compressed air systems and special gases

  • Solar thermal energy installations

  • Industrial plants and storage of chemicals
Special and Telecommunication Installations Special and Telecommunication Installations
  • High security systems design (CCTV, access control, license plate readers, explosive detection, intrusion detection, automatic incident detection, management and operating systems…).

  • Audiovisual System Design: Audio / Video Professional and control. Broadcast. Design Content Management Systems Audiovisual (contribution, storage and distribution).

  • Integrated Installations Management. Control BMS (Building Management System). System Design and Operation Maintenance Management (CMMS).

  • Telecommunication System Desing. Multiservice Networks.

  • Structured Cabling Systems, Video and Control. Networks. WI-FI. D.P.C. design (Data Processing Center)

  • I.C.T. Projects (Common Infrastructure Telecommunications)

  • Evacuation System Design (Integration PCI / Paging / Dynamic Signage).

  • Theaters and Auditorium Design (audiovisual, staging and lighting equipment).

  • Public Information Systems.

  • Highways, Tunnels and Tolls Installations.

  • Railways and Subways. Railway Signaling.

  • Design Acoustic Enclosures
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