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Official College of Engineers on Telecommunications Spanish Engineering Institute
Specialization: Business Licenses
Representativa image for Business Licenses Management and processing of licenses, permits and legalization of industrial and construction facilities

During building process in its different phases, commissioning, occupation and exploitation, processing licenses, permits and legalization are necessary, both for the building and its facilities to activity taking place in it.
These procedures generate a dossier that must be kept by the holder of the building, facility or activity by law in order to attend requiring submission to inspections and subsequent procedures. The lack of such documentation causes problems and disadvantages, and can result in fines and even closure of the activity.

Our clients are the holders of buildings, facilities or activities and firms for which these procedures are part of its procedures or production processes, such as architecture studios, engineering firms, builders, developers, installers, etc..
In order to make your building or activity legalized, we offer our consulting services:
  • Needs assessment for a building or activity.

  • Planning of the necessary procedure.

  • Consultancy, management and monitoring during the process.

  • Documentation processing.

  • Drafting and approval of projects, reports, etc.

  • Construction Management Certificates.

  • Analysis and organization of documentation.

  • Reporting time for revisions or license renewals and legalization.

  • Audits of state documentary.

  • And any other services that help maintain the buildings, facilities and activities fully legalized and documented.

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