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Official College of Engineers on Telecommunications Spanish Engineering Institute
DiTec Engineers

Services provided by DiTec Engineers are oriented towards the drafting of projects and construction management for the building sector (Auditoriums, Convention and Exhibition Centers, Hospitals, Offices, Residential, Industrial, Ports and Airports, Data Processing Centers, sports centers, universities, etc..) and Transportation (tunnels, toll roads, railways, etc.). We also have wide experience reviewing and optimizing projects developed by other companies.

DiTec Engineers is established with the purpose of develop projects and give support to architectural, engineering and consulting firms, construction companies and individuals that, due to their jobs, face the need to design any type of installation (electrical, mechanical and special).

DiTec Engineers stands out in the whole special installations (audiovisual systems, network design, communications, control, security, CCTV, PA system, stage machinery, spectacular lighting, design of auditoriums and theaters, etc.), not forgetting all associated requirements (electrical, mechanical and architectural) necessary for good overall performance and overall project.

Firm with extensive experience through their own activity that adds a consolidated working group with broad experience in major works.

DiTec Engineers flexibility allows it to tackle large, complex projects advising clients from inception to project completion. This allows to optimize results, achieving the desired productivity goals.

The services provided by DiTec Engineers are:

  • Installation Engineering (electrical, mechanical and special)
  • Architecture, Edification and Structure Calculation.
  • Acoustic Engineering. Auditoriums design.
  • Business Licenses and Project Visa
  • Energy Efficiency Projects
  • Infographics and 3D Modeling
  • Projects at all stages
  • Management, supervision and construction management. Technical assistance.
  • Optimization and design review
  • Technical and financial audits. Technological consulting
  • Legal advice, processing of building permits (national, regional and local) related technical assistance and work direction
  • Technical assistance and installation direction
  • Quality control
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